Waiting for Your NPN

Waiting for Your NPN

The waiting time to receive your NPN can be frustrating. How long has it been since you submitted your license application? Seems like months and then you receive a rejection notice! Wasted time that translates to financial loss. We can help to isolate areas of your application that may have caused the rejection notice.

The process: First we submit your completed application package. Then the Acknowledgement Letter (ACK) arrives; usually within 1 month. Nowadays we are waiting about 2 months. Once the ACK is received, the waiting period begins. Each Class has a different waiting period.

  • Class I applications (Compendial) are taking 2 months
  • Class II applications (all ingredients are precleared) can be about 4 months
  • Class III submissions (at least one ingredient not precleared) are usually around 6 months or longer before the NPN is issued

The good news is that Health Canada is working hard to shorten the time you have to wait.

In the meantime, you could receive an Information Request Notice (IRN) which is a time-sensitive letter, and needs to be addressed immediately otherwise a rejection will be issued.We can track these notices or you, and respond to them to meet the deadline.

So many details to keep track of. That’s where we come in. Call us, leave your license application to us so you can get back to more important business matters.