March 2021

Linda was the perfect person to help facilitate our relationship with Health Canada. She worked quickly and was very responsive to our questions. I highly recommend Medical Botany Research and Canadian Natural Health Product Registry.

David Blackwell

Owner G2 Products

April 2019

After an exhaustive search online, looking for help in attaining a Health Canada NPN (Natural Product Number) for our botanical solution to menstrual cramps, I stumbled upon the name Linda Beach.

That was it! Her knowledge was definitive and she went over and above to make our process as smooth as possible.

We acquired two Health Canada product licenses and Linda was always generous with her time, prompt to reply to our communication and accurate in estimating our turn around times.

Yurika! Cramp Free Naturally


49th Degree Health Solutions Inc.

February 2019

I would not have been able to launch my business so quickly if it wasn’t for the help of Linda. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to NPN applications and Health Canada regulations.

The few things I really love is that she is so timely with her responses and applications and her prices are really competitive compared to other consulting companies.

She has been there for me and my company from the beginning and continues to offer advice whenever I have questions. I look forward to continuing working with her for future NPN applications.

Lynne – Founder of SuppBuddy

February 2019

Linda has been instrumental in the registration process for Kolorex Canada. She helped us develop a strategy to register Horopito, a medicinal plant endemic to New Zealand, into the health Canada database, as well as help us obtain NPN registration for our best selling products. Her timely feedback, professionalism, and knowledge of the natural health products industry is what sets her apart from others that I’ve worked with.

Dr. James Yoon

Horopito Inc.

March 2016

We couldn’t have started our business without Linda’s help. She was incredible throughout the entire process, and would help with any little question we had.

This was something we absolutely could not have done without Linda!

Our formula was original and this was a difficult application, but Linda was on our side the whole way through.

To go through a lawyer for our NPN would cost a small fortune.. and the level of communication we had was top notch.

We would definitely recommend Linda to anyone looking to pursue an NPN application!”

Derek Maloff & Taylor Rowe
Bluvos Energy LTD
250-718-4969 & 250-826-8468

NHP Industries Inc.

NHP Industries would like to thank Linda and Medical Botany Research for the continued support and excellent service over the past years. We would like to extend our gratitude to you for assisting us with the many successful applications for our natural health product numbers through the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) of Health Canada.   We look forward to continued success and working with you to submit many more NPN applications for our natural health products. We are happy to refer your services to our business associates.

Sincerely yours,                                           NHP Industries, Inc

Jimmy and Jeanny Chang


NanoCure Technology

It represents an honor for me to give my opinion about Mrs. Linda.  First I would like to say, if it wasn’t for her, our product would never be registered and available to the Canadian market. In that I am sure.

From my first contact with her I realized  that Linda is an amazing person; precise, clear, and very correct, polite, with an enormous knowledge for the whole Canadian legislative about the registration of the products.

She is a true Canadian aristocratic Lady.

We, as a company were lost before the process of registration. We had  decided to register our product knowing that Canada has incredibly high standards necessary to show the safety of the product in question.

When searching on Google, I found a company that asked us for tens of thousands of dollars to register our product and a list of documents needed that gave us a headache because we didn’t have them. At that time, we were very disappointed.

One day I decided to try my luck once more. And a beautifully simple online website appeared. It was the website of Mrs.Linda. On the website, it shortly stated that she helps companies in the process of registration.

I wrote to her, and in a day I received a reply. That reply I will remember for a lifetime.
So simple and clear. Everything was written very precisely and with courtesy that is a characteristic in only a small number of people.

And so, our collaboration began. Mrs. Linda said that within 180 days our ortho gel could be registered, AND SO IT WAS.

From today’s point of view, I am sure that Mrs. Linda was a gift send from God.

And another thing, the offer that you will receive from Mrs. Linda is very real-excellent for small companies.

My recommendation is – and I stand completely by what I say, forget about any other company, do not wonder because Mrs. Linda and her company is the ideal partner that You need.

I have included my email on which you can reach me as a validation of my statement. nanocuretech1@gmail.com

I thank God that sent Mrs. Linda to us.

Thank You Mrs. Linda, from the bottom of my heart for everything that you did for us ( we may have been  a nuisance at times, asking even the most ridiculous questions – because we didn’t know the way of the registration process).

You were always there to help us and to clear up the details.

Yasko Fido – NanoCureTechnology  S. Korea