We Must ACT NOW to Save Our Supplements

We Must ACT NOW to Save Our Supplements

On Wednesday June 14, 2023 NHP industry (Natural Health Productshttps://nhppa.org/) members joined Shawn Buckley for a summary of his recent Discussion Paper (https://nhppa.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Discussion-Paper-On-2023-Health-Canada-Initiatives-C-47-Cost-Recovery-and-Burdens-New-Powers.pdf) on 2023 Health Canada Initiatives.

There is also a 30-minute video interview, along with a Question & Answer period that is very enlightening. Full interview time is 1:20 hour.

Don’t leave before the questions and answers! Health Canada’s changes will affect every part of the natural health product industry.

Here is an excerpt of the Actions Plan from Shawn Buckley’s discussion paper.

Part 6 – What needs to be done!

Members of Parliament only act when there is great pressure on them. The NHPPA will be spearheading a campaign to create such pressure. We need you to get plugged in so that we alert you to actions. We need you to:

  • visit www.nhppa.org to see what action plans get posted;
  • subscribe to NHPPA alerts so you know when we need you to take action.

Our specific goals are to:

  • get sections 500 to 504 removed from Bill C-47;
  • get cost recovery for natural health product businesses stopped. The specific cost recovery notice is found here: Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 157, Number 19: GOVERNMENT NOTICES;
  • get the Charter of Health Freedom enacted, and
  • de-regulate natural health products. Since 2004 Health Canada has been making the requirements for natural health product businesses stricter and stricter leading to fewer and less effective products. It is time to stop regulating natural products as dangerous drugs. It is time to regulate them in the manner that the Standing Committee on Health recommended in their report: Natural Health Products: A New Vision.

Next Session – Monday, June 19th, 2023

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