NNHPD Interim Measures Update

NNHPD Interim Measures Update

NNHPD Interim Measures Update

Regarding Product and Site Licensing for Hand-Sanitizers

The temporary exemptions for the importation of hand sanitizers, which was announced March 27, 2020, as part of the NNHPD’s interim measures have now ended as of July 13, 2020.  

Interim License Holders

Site Licenses

Companies that have a COVID SL may continue selling their hand sanitizer products, however, these COVID SL’s will expire 60 days from a currently undetermined due date in the future by Health Canada. Should license holders wish to maintain selling their product they are encouraged to switch to a regular Site License as soon as possible.  Contact us to get your permanent licenses in place before the deadline.

Product Licenses

No change is required for product license holders. Your NPN will not require any further changes. Manufacturing sites that also package, label, or import hand sanitizers must be listed on the Product License Application.