New Cosmetic Regulations Amendments

New Cosmetic Regulations Amendments

May 2024

The amendments are detailed in the Cosmetic Regulations under the Food and Drugs Act and alert us to important changes in the disclosure of cosmetic ingredients.

The Amendments

  1. Disclosure of Fragrance Allergens: The regulations want the disclosure of certain fragrance allergens on cosmetic labels, particularly specified concentration limits.
  2. Flexibility for Small Package Labeling: Manufacturers can now choose the option of using a website to disclose complete ingredient lists and providing online resources.
  3.  Oversight: Definitions for manufacturer and importer have been defined, along with enhanced notification requirements, including provisions for discontinuation of sale and response timelines for requests.
  4. Updated Labelling Requirements: Updates include the removal of distributor information from cosmetic notifications, instruction/ requirements for rinse-off and leave-on products, and the use of INCI names for ingredient identification.
  5. Safety Evidence Requirement: Importers may now be required to provide evidence of safety, alongside manufacturers, to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

The Amendments take effect: 

Most amendments, are scheduled to take effect 180 days after registration;  by October 9, 2024. This necessitates the prompt revision of labeling requirements.

Disclosing fragrance allergens will become effective two years after registration, on April 12, 2026. 

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