How do the new regulations affect my manufacturer or supplier?

These new Health Canada regulatory requirements have a direct impact on how natural health products are manufactured, imported and distributed throughout Canada. Each organization that is involved in the overall supply  of the natural products (i.e. manufactures, packagers, labelers and importers) must have valid site licenses. Also, in order for a product to be imported into Canada, the importation must be performed by a fully compliant facility that has been officially licensed by Health Canada. Failure to be compliant will result in the products not being allowed to enter the country or at least held at the border until the proper documents can be provided.

Want to know if a medicinal or non-medicinal ingredient is acceptable to Health Canada?                                                                                                                                                        

Natural Health Products Ingredients Database is a vast source of scientific terms, ingredients and monographs pre-cleared, public information approved by the NNHPD. The principal use of this database is to validate ingredients for use in natural health products. If your product uses ingredients that are not in the database they need to be added, which may take some time, and requires supporting evidence. Canadian Natural Health Product Registry can help you through this procedure.

Looking for a licensed product?

Licensed Natural Health Products Database