Health Canada’s Post Covid-19 Commitments

Health Canada’s Post Covid-19 Commitments

March 17, 2021

NNHPD’s newly appointed Director General, Natalie Page, opened the meeting with her team and officials from the Inspectorate (ROEB) providing the updates on the following key items:

• COVID backlog and the measures in place to clear the back-log and resume normal performance standards now that the influx of pandemic-related registrations such as hand-sanitizers has subsided

• Forward Regulatory Plan and assurances of Health Canada’s post Covid-19 commitment to the Self-Care Framework as a priority

• NHP Inspections and work towards establishing an NHP GMP Inspection Program Pilot that moves away from from the prescriptive drug inspection model, in keeping with the principles of Self-Care

• Cannabis Science Advisory Committee which will provide independent scientific and clinical advice to support the Department’s consideration of appropriate safety, efficacy, and quality standards for health products containing cannabis