Covid 19 Expedited Interim Licensing Has Ended

Covid 19 Expedited Interim Licensing Has Ended

For those of you who have received an Interim Site license or Importer’s license, you will need to apply for a permanent license should you wish to continue. The temporary license has ended.

Companies with an interim COVID-19 SL (denoted by the prefix COV0000) under the previous expedited attestation process will be notified when the interim period ends (when demand of alcohol-based hand sanitizers stabilizes).

When notified, you will have 60 days to:

  1. stop manufacturing, importing, packaging, labeling or distributing alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  2. apply for a valid SL to continue producing hand sanitizer until you receive a decision on your application

If you have received a product license, you do not need to reapply; your PL is not temporary and will remain valid.