About Us – Canadian Cosmetic Registration

Canadian Natural Health Product Registry (CNHPR) is a Canadian west-coast based consulting firm, offering the expertise of compliance and regulatory affairs for product licensing and helping to make the submission process a little easier.

CNHPR has provided regulatory consulting to Canadians as well as international companies on a variety of Canadian regulatory issues since 2004 when the new regulations came into effect.

Experience with Health Canada 

We work with Health Canada on a regular basis and have developed a good relationship that has resulted in the success we have in obtaining NPNs for our clients.  As an example, Health Canada removed hempseed oil from their ingredient database which prevented one of our clients from registering their product that contained hempseed oil.  Canadian Natural Health Product Registry is happy to say through our efforts, we are responsible for Health Canada reintroducing hemp seed oil back into the database after it was removed.

We provide licensing for a variety of products that include vitamins, herbal remedies, therapeutic products, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and sports supplements.

CNHPR will work with you to devise an approach exclusive to each product, compile the required documentation then submit the paperwork to you for signing then onto Health Canada for submission.

Why Use Canadian Natural Health Product Registry to register your health product?

The growing numbers of our many successful applications are the measure of the working relationship we have developed with our clients. We experience repeat business with the same clients because they are treated with respect and know they are getting the best price for their product registration and consultation.

We are aware of the mounting competition in the wellness industry and the need for a natural product number (NPN) applied to the products grows as well.  Customer sophistication of product knowledge and the demand for better products never stops, but an NPN will give you the advantage you need.

Linda Beach is the sole owner and Director of Canadian Natural Health Product Registry under Medical Botany Research.  Linda is a Certified Herbalist, has a degree in Botany and Medical Research and holds certificates in several different healing modalities in the natural and complementary medicine field.